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MasPro Portable Electronic Pulse Massager - Earphone shape design

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What's MasPro electric pulse massager?

Electric pulse massager relieves your pain by sending small electrical impulses to muscle. Safe, non-invasive, drug-free (two pads need to be stick on the skin at the same time)

Product features:

  • Lightest electric pulse massager in the market (25 gram only!)
  • As light as an earphone, enjoy massaging while studying or working. It's is great for traveling as well.
  • Just take 15min to relieve fatigue and pain
  • Earphone like design, ultra-portable,
  • 6 massage modes, 8 intensity levels, it can meet your different requirements
  • No batteries are needed, Just plug them into your smartphone or power bank.
  • Suitable for multiple body parts
  • Stimulating Chinese traditional pulse massage(tuina) for different parts of your body: knocking/kneading/vibrating/scraping(guasha)/acupuncture/cupping
  • built-in short circuit protection and maximum output limit. Specially designed electrode pads, self-adhesive and reusable.


Length: 135 mm
Weight: 25g
Color: white
Pulse width:4-400 μs
Voltage: 5v
RC: 3-60mA

Packing list:

Line controller *1
massage stickers *2
carrying case *1
English user manual *1
USB cable with 3 kinds of port


The two Stickers can use about 50 times, for the best result, we suggest you replace after 50 times of usage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
relieve pain and can be used anywhere

I have Fibromyalgia and Arthritis, so I usually have some pain, somewhere in my body and a lot of the pain is on my Back. I started going to a Chiropractor years ago to get treatment for my pain; the pads are very easy to put on and take off. This is a great little unit that helps to relieve pain and can be used anywhere. I'm happy with this unit and would recommend.

compact design

Works well! I like the compact design and also the carrying case that it comes with. It's easy to set up and use. All you have to do is connected to your phone with the adapter. It can also work with a usb power bank or wall plug. My only suggestions for future improvements would be a screen, so you know what setting the strength is on and the ability to change the mode of pulsation.

Extremely powerful

Extremely powerful for such a small device. This saves me a copay when I have a pulled muscle.

deal with back pain issues

I bought this unit on a recommendation from a friend, as we both deal with back pain issues. So glad I did! When my muscles need some extra TLC to help loosen things up, I put this on. Moreover, because it's compact, I can use it at work pretty easily. I put the unit in my back pocket along with the extra cord going from it to the pads on my back. Nobody even knows its there! I also appreciate the handy plastic holder where you can stick the pads until you use them again.

great or neck issue

A really great device! I purchased this as an adjunct therapy for spasms in my neck. My occupational therapist said she never seen such a small unit. It's surely better than the drug store versions. It is relatively easy to use, but you must read the instructions before using it. Delivered timely.

for my daddy

Excellent gift for my daddy. This TENS unit is built with high quality, easy to bring around. The operations are easy to learn, didn't take much time for my dad to get used to it. It does help relieve his waist paint a lot. He likes it a lot.

neck pain associated with PC usage

I have tried several massager to soothe my neck pain associated with PC usage and do not feel a good fit. Saw this one on Hackwhere, not costly at all, so give it a try. This portable TENS unit is such a great buy: easy to use, portable, and workable! Definitely, recommend.

leg pain

Recommended by my friend and bought for my mother for leg pain. She used it when she watched TV. Very easy to use And more important it works!! I have spent more than 20 times money in the past for her leg pain. This works.

relaxing my back muscles

You only have to read the manual. Plug in the cables, attach the pads, place them where they're needed, and press the start button. Easy to adjust the level of intensity. It has been a significant help with relaxing my back muscles that are pretty much permanently tight. Make sure to order extra pads.

use it while watching tv

I use this unit for a while. It is very convenient to carry along. When I am tired, I just put the patches on and let it run. It's kind of very relaxing. The patches are sticky. Wherever I want to put them, it always stays. Maybe because it is still new and I am not sure. Anyway, it is an excellent gadget to have and something to help you relax when you are watching TV.