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FollowLine - Line Following Robot Educational Inductive Toys Car

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FollowLine follows the marker line like magic. Has an optical sensor that reads the black line drawn on a white piece of paper.

  • Keep your little one happy and excited with this fantastic new toy. FollowLine is designed to follow a route/path that’s plotted using a mini magic pen.
  • Easy To Use – draw a line with a marker or dark crayon on a piece of paper, and when you turn the car on, there is a sensor on the bottom that follows the line. The toy follows the marker line just like the directions indicate.
  • Each car is battery operated and designed to provide maximum energy efficiency. 
  • It is portable and suitable for children ages 5 or more.
  • promote children's thinking and imagination of development
  • A wonderful gift for children, bring them fun and magic.


How to play:

  •  Step 1: Use an ordinary dark colored crayon or marker to draw a line on a white piece of paper.
  •  Step 2: Turn on switch on the button of the car.
  •  Step 3: Place the car on top of the drawn line.
  •  Step 4: The car will run on the line automatically.
  • Step 5: If the line finishes, the vehicle will continue in the direction followed from the previous line. If the line is too thin, the vehicle may stray off the line, please make the line thicker.

Customer Reviews

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This little car is really cool. It's going to be a great Christmas present if I can stop playing with it long enough to wrap it.


This train is larger than I expected. Bonus! It’s so neat- I had to mess around with it even though it’s going to be a Christmas gift. I know my kids will love it.


paper making drawings to play with his little train. If you are looking for an economical toy where your kid can get distracted an have fun I guarantee that this is the best choice