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Colors Faucet - LED Water Faucet Creative LED Light Shower Head

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  • No batteries and power supplies are needed as long as the water flow it will give out light. 
  • activated by water pressure and turns off automatically
  • Transforming the stream of water into a beautiful waterfall of light
  • 3 Colors changes depending on the temperature of the water. 
  • below 32℃ - Blue
  • between 33℃ to 40℃ - Green
  • between 41℃ to 45℃ - Red
  • Over 45℃ - Flashing Red
  • Easy to install
  • the connector can make the faucet to be adapted to a variety of faucet interfaces.
  • Ideal for the bathroom or kitchen to make it fantastic


  • Case material: ABS
  •  LED emitting color: 7
  • Item size: 35*24mm
  • Interface: male Diameter: External thread sixth


Customer Reviews

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These are pretty cool. Don’t know how long they will last but had them a few months if it not working, I’ll buy another pack for that price they look awesome when the water runs. Cold blue light warm green light hot red light. It does work.


Ok, this faucet light is the funniest item I have bought in a while. It fits on any faucet easily and comes with its own filter. It does change colors with the temperature of the water. I mainly got it for the purpose of not having to turn on a light switch just to wash my hands at night. I highly recommend and am buying more.


Works as it's supposed to. Easy 2-minute install, just remove the old install the new and done.


If it’ll fit your faucet, it’s very cool! A fun item for me. If you have kids or elderly it will help with knowing when water is hot! Kids will love it. I’m an old kid and I think it’s cool!