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TopFresh - Silicone Stretch Lids

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TopFresh - Silicone Stretch Lids


Silicone Stretch Lids (6pcs), Reusable, Durable and Expandable Fresh Food Cover. No slip off and seal well: airtight seal keeps food fresh longer and prevents spills. Through final tested, our silicone stretch lids fit better than before, it will not be slip easily when the container is wet or high heat.


  • Food will taste as good as fresh: airtight seal keeps food fresh longer and prevents spills.
  • Independently lab tested for safety: 100% phthalate, lead, plastic and BPA free.
  • Are you still struggling with compatibility? We found the lid to match! One stretchy silicone lid is compatible with many different container sizes and shapes
  • This product is a money saver and ECO-friendly: forget cling wrap, baggies or lid-hunting; use stretch n'seal lids for containers, cups and even directly over food items
  • Their longevity will amaze: extra thick silicone is durable and will not tear or warp; can be used over and over again and are dishwasher and freezer safe
  • Clear lids! A window to the fresh food in your fridge: why hide fresh with a colored lid? Exclusive: you will love the large bonus party bowl lid!

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
no more plastic wrap

We might not use plastic wrap again -- these fit all kind of bowls. I love it.


Awesome kitchen product. A set comes in different sizes, and the lids can fit into various bowls. The lid easily wraps over the top of the container has extensions you can grip onto to pull the cover on tightly. The cover thus creates an airtight seal to keep foods fresh. These are so much better than unstructured silicon sheets, which I would have to apply over bowls using rubber bands. Besides, these lids are thick and have a firm shape; this is important because competitors' thinner silicone flat sheets would get thrown around my dishwasher due to their thinness and lightness, and end getting burned on my dishwasher's heating element. These lids stay put when being washed in the dishwasher.

just love it

I bought these after seeing them from my sister in law. The silicone covers arrived as shown and the variety of sizes are great. Using in the microwave without any problem - its stops splatter and helps to heat up the food better. I used the largest cover for a bowl of crackers - it has helped keep them fresh and crunchy. Most of all, I feel so much happier not having to use plastic wrap every time - it's wasteful and not Environmentally friendly. Once I know which sizes I use the most, I'll order more!

no BPA

I was looking for cereal bowl sized silicone lids since I make up individual tossed salads for my family. I have enough in all without using plastic wrap or an inverted small plate that gets knocked off, quickly. I appreciate that these are safe for using foods with and have no BPA.

very flexible

These Lids are very flexible and easy to use. The different sizes fit almost everything. I am so happy with my purchase.

nice to use

So far, very happy with these lids. They stretch very nicely to accommodate most size containers (within reason). For example, I have a huge salad spinner; the large size stretched enough to cover the entire circumference and keep the washed, dry lettuce fresh for over a week. It was hard to get the largest side lid across it at first, but once it was on, it stayed on securely.

excellent quality

I've tried different reusable food covers attempting to reduce both food and plastic waste. I received my Silicone Stretch Hugger Covers two days ago and had already used three sizes! I like that they fit snuggly, "shapeshift," and are easy to put on and off. If they wash and dry as quickly as I expect they will, they'll be my new favorite kitchen gadget!

worked well

I don't have a chance to use these very often, but the two I've tried worked well. They are "sticky" so they'll stay put and are easy to stretch over a larger container. It's reusable, easy to store and easy to wash in the dishwasher or by hand are other advantages.

no more waste

What a great product. It's very stretchy and easy to use. BPA free, that's another reason I love it, As plastic wrap is unrecyclable, it cuts down on so much waste.

good product

I was skeptical, but it really works.